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The Jensen Family [North Dallas Family Photographer]


I’d love to introduce you to the Jensens! I met the matriarch of this clan at church about a year ago and it seems every interaction I have with her leaves me feeling uplifted! Suzanne is just such genuinely “good people” and it was such a treat to meet the rest of her family- children and grandchildren- who were gathered together under the live oaks on this very humid Fourth of July morning. It’s been so long since I’ve skipped rocks, but was one of my favorite past times with my family growing up! I hope that the kids made some memories while the rest of us were working so hard to win their smiles and make these portraits! 

Enjoy your sneak peak, Suzanne!













The Hansen Family

HansenMini-423 (Large)

HansenMini-432 (Large)

HansenMini-449bw (Large)

HansenMini-465 (Large)

HansenMini-301 (Large)

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Announcing Fall Mini Sessions in North Texas!!


Location is still TBD, but likely in the Frisco, McKinney or Allen area. Any votes, ya’ll?

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We’ve moved! Now booking: Frisco, Plano, McKinney and more!

Heller-201 (Large)


Here is a little sneak peak at LoLo and her adoring fans! More of this incredible family to come!

Hey YA’LL! Melissa Hancock Photography has had a bit of a change of venue. Yep, you guessed it! I’ve finally brought my kids and husband home to get a taste of the sweet life in Texas. I’m tickled to now be based out of Frisco and serving the North Dallas area! I’ve taken a few weeks to acclimate, and have opened my calendar to begin booking Fall sessions. Please email or comment on any post on this blog to find out more about my availability.

While I look forward to the many friends that I will meet here in Texas, I am sure going to miss all of my amazing clients in Seattle!  I’ll be visiting frequently, though, so please reach out if you’re interested in booking a session on one of my visits! More information will be available on the website when those Seattle sessions are available.


As many of you know, my family is preparing for a big move (more on that later) and while I have so many sessions to post, I’m also trying to declutter and simplify. I’ve decided to share a snippet of my favorite images from previously unpublished sessions to help with this. Just the act of writing that feels so liberating! I suddenly went from a dozen sessions back logged to one nice, fat post to prepare for your viewing pleasure!

DC2013-165 (Large)

DC2013-113bw (Large)

DC2013-140 (Large)

Ethan-15bw (Large)

Ethan-6bw (Large)

Hodges-438bw copy

Hodges-202bw copy

Hodges-216 copy

Hodges-295 copy Hodges-338 copy



Seabrook-359 (Large)



Danielson-2327 (Large)

Danielson-163 (Large)

Danielson-342 (Large)


Danielson-1432 (Large)

Danielson-1463 (Large)







Cooley-111 (Large)




ZinneMini-281 (Large)


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Meet little Emily…

I’m absolutely smitten with this niece of mine! I can’t tell you how it breaks my heart to leave her in a few weeks when we move to Texas! She was wide awake and rooting around through her photoshoot :) There was not a single sleepy newborn picture to be had.








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Meet Samira…


Oh, you guys…get a load of this beautiful girl! You may remember her family from a few months ago(or here)? It was such a treat to be in their new home, snuggling their new baby and eating delicious Indian snacks served up by Saisha and Samira’s Pati (did I spell that right, Aditi? ;) ! You can hardly call that work you guys, and yet I’m so lucky that I do! Really, if you know me then you know that I call photography my therapy, not a job.

And what better therapy is there than stretching out in the grass capturing this beautiful girl and her adoring fans? 
SamiraNewborn-122 (Large)

SamiraNewborn-218 (Large)

SamiraNewborn-295 (Large)

SamiraNewborn-534 (Large)

SamiraNewborn-66bw (Large)

SamiraNewborn-107 (Large)


SamiraNewborn-40bw (Large)

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Texas Bluebonnets…

My family and I made a little spring break trip back home this month and while there I had a blast while photographing my uncle’s family. Can you believe that my uncle has kids the exact age as two of mine? :)  Yeah, I remember thinking he must be really, REALLY cool as he showed me his meteorologist kit and coin collections.  And now he really is too cool because he married the most amazing, and GORGEOUS woman and gave my kids these perfect little “cousins”.  These littles were such troopers on this surprisingly cold and windy morning. JP wasn’t having it for the longest time, but eventually he warmed up (literally) and I’m pretty pleased with what we got.

I hope that you enjoy your preview, Mike and Holly!

Serben-86 (Large)

Serben-132 (Large)

Serben-202 (Large)

Serben-230 (Large) Serben-266 (Large)

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Saisha is a big sister!


She’s grown a lot since I first introduced the beautiful Miss. Saisha to you a year and a half ago (here to refresh your memory), but I have to say that I’d recognize this girly’s gorgeous eye lashes anywhere!  It was so fun to meet her and her mom and dad again last weekend and to celebrate her becoming a big sister! A little bird just told me that her baby sister made an early debut and I can’t tell you how giddy I am to meet her and see how Saisha tackles this change. Congratulations on another healthy girl, Aditi and Sriram! Aditi2014-256 (Large)

Aditi2014-262 (Large)


Aditi2014-451 (Large)

Aditi2014-431bw (Large)

Aditi2014-415bw (Large)

Aditi2014-346 (Large)

Aditi2014-236 (Large)


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Mamma’s Hands Auction Photo Booth 2013

My incredible father in law founded a local Women’s shelter called the House of Hope back in 1995. It has since grown to include three long term women’s shelters for mothers in crisis. This growth is largely due to the generosity of donors and bidders who gather at our annual auction each May. I had such fun running a photo booth at last year’s auction(yes! I’m that behind on this blog!). Because our donated backdrop was stuck in traffic and didn’t arrive in time, I was able to wander offering pictures with the gorgeous natural backdrop of Newcastle Golf Club. I think I’m going to push for natural backdrops every year!

You can find out more about Mammas Hands and the House of Hope, as well as the next auction to be held in May 2014 by visiting the Mammas Hands website. Please do, you’ll be amazed by the generosity of those around us!

MHAuction2013-10 (Large)

MHAuction2013-136 (Large)

MHAuction2013-16 (Large)

MHAuction2013-23 (Large)

MHAuction2013-27 (Large)

MHAuction2013-97 (Large)

MHAuction2013-103 (Large)

MHAuction2013-129 (Large)

MHAuction2013-133 (Large)

MHAuction2013-162 (Large)

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